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Lexair 5C air/Low Pressure Hydraulic Actutated Collet Closers

This family of collet closers can be used in pneumatic (150 or 250 PSI max) or hydraulic (750 or 2000 PSI max) service. They are available for use with "1C", "3C", "5C" or "16C" style collets.

All models feature fixed-length operation, reamed orientation holes in the base for mounting alignment and double acting operation. These units now feature our patented "accessible-from-the-top" collet locking screw which allows for quick and easy collet or part orientation in infinite positions. Any of the offerings can be combined into multiple configurations by use of connector bushings that eliminate external plumbing between units.

Quality and long life are assured by construction from aircraft quality aluminum. Forces generated by the drawtube range from .73 ("1C") to 7.5 ("5C") times the line pressure applied. All units are supplied with a matching collet wrench.

Specifications and Model Numbers

Model Number Collet Type Max Air Pressure Maximum Hydraulic Pressure Drawtube Force (pounds) Port Size
65106 1C 250 PSI 750 PSI .73 x Line Pressure 1/8 NPT
65105 3C 250 PSI 750 PSI 1.2 x Line Pressure 1/8 NPT
65205 5C 150 PSI 400 PSI 7.5 x Line Pressure 1/4 NPT
65206 16C N/A 1350 PSI 5.8 x Line Pressure 1/4NPT

Technical Information

Model Number Collet Type A B C D E
65106 1C 1.44 1.75 1.375 #10-24 1.125
65105 3C 2.75 2.50 2.0 1/4-20 2.000
65205 5C 3.31 4.00 3.000 3/8-16 2.875
65206 16C 4.25 4.00 3.000 3/8-16 2.875
All units of measure are inches.

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